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Taking to Paris Fashion Week, Joey Gollish‘s Mr. Saturday label presented its Spring/Summer 2024 collection. Titled “De La Nuit,” the seasonal range examines Louis XIV and his influence on ballet, media, and the French Revolution. Mr. Saturday shares, “How one man’s selfishness can create so much beauty and so much destruction. How that beauty and that destruction lead to a rebirth. Over 300 years later, not much has changed. What beauty and what destruction is created from our forced attention today? What is rebirth? Who is royalty and who crowned them anyway?

Featured on Strategy Online

The POS campaign, running until October, features bucolic settings and farmers and “made from real cheese” verbiage. And in other materials, sprinter Andre De Grasse, who recently helped launch the product, stars. The messaging and product packaging calls out calcium and protein content, as well as strong appetite appeal, all of which are core competitive advantages.
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