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Commercial Production, Cannabis


10-chapter video series, paired with blog articles, highlighting why Canadians should Accept Nothing Less.

Know The Grow

CRUEL partnered with 7ACRES to highlight the brand's commitment to exceptional cannabis cultivation and showcase its brand values through a comprehensive ten-part video series and accompanying blog articles, presented from the perspective of a cannabis enthusiast. CRUEL continued narrative from previous work with 7ACRES, having developed the visual identity of the brand for recreational cannabis launch in 2018; and later recognized as Brand of the Year at the ADCANN and Canadian Cannabis Awards in 2018, and Best Marketing Campaign at O’Cannabiz Awards in 2019.

CRUEL produced "Know The Grow," a ten-part video series supplemented by insightful blog articles. The series was curated from the perspective of a cannabis enthusiast, providing educational content that demonstrates the cultivation process and the brand's commitment to high-quality standards. It set out to underscore the different levels of values within the 7ACRES brand and establish the standard for exceptional cannabis cultivation—culminating in ‘The Future Ideal of the Plant’ a concept stewarded by CRUEL during development of the 7ACRES brand strategy. 

The "Know The Grow'' series successfully showcased the 7ACRES brand and its commitment to defining the benchmark for exceptional cannabis cultivation in Canada. By providing educational content, framed through a cannabis enthusiast's lens, effectively highlighting the brand's values and cultivation standards, and connection to the cannabis community, CRUEL was able to continue telling the 7ACRES story, as initially imagined in 2018. The video series and blog articles contributed to raising brand awareness and establishing 7ACRES as a leader in the cannabis industry.


Production Company: Combo Bravo (combobravo)
VO Talent: Mina Khosravi (minakhos)
VO Talent: Norman Alconcel (bignormshow)
Director: Jon Riera (jon_voyage_)
Producer, Editor: Connor Illsley (connorbeardsly)
DOP: Aaron Alter (alteraaron)
1st AC: Alex Nunes (
Gaffer/Drone Pilot: Lee Smith (blackopsmonkey)
Grip/Electric: Dave Morgado (itsyoboynorte)
Motion Graphics: Robbie Aitken (switchmedia)
Music: Hunter Kamula
Production Designer: Christina Kim (nulichris, breathe.ent)
Art Assist: Devin Jones (ddevinjones11)
Production Assistant: Andres Puche (aepuche)

  • Brand of the Year ADCANN and

    Canadian Cannabis Awards


    Best Marketing Campaign

    O’Cannabiz Awards


    ADC Awards 2022
    Gold for Media Innovation

    MR. SATURDAY (2022)

    Cannes Bronze Lion for Brand

    Experience and Activation

    MR. SATURDAY (2022)

    Atomic Awards, Gold for Niche Targeting, Collaboration, Engagement

    MR. SATURDAY (2022)

  • CRUEL is an independent marketing agency based in Toronto, exploring contemporary themes through art, marketing, and culture. We find deeper meaning emphasizing the power of human connection, and in doing so, embed brands in the conversation; whether digital or in-real-life, launching a new product, or creating an immersive brand experience.


    Founded in 2013 as a university lifestyle platform in Montreal, CRUEL quickly became a hub for young people to connect, driven by the surge of social media. By 2015, after hosting thousands of events and launching localized content initiatives, CRUEL transformed into a marketing agency, drawing clients keen on understanding youth culture and younger demographics. In 2016, CRUEL further demonstrated its newly formed marketing acumen by successfully launching Snapple Spiked across Canada through an authentic, grassroots driven campaign.


    CRUEL's creative capabilities flourished in 2018, winning Campaign of the Year and Brand of the Year for the launch of the 7ACRES cannabis brand in Canada. The arrival of the pandemic in 2020 tested CRUEL's adaptability as a younger agency. However, with agility and a solutions-oriented mindset, CRUEL was able to seamlessly pivot from traditional event marketing to a fully integrated offering, combining Branding, Content, and Experiential to provide increased value to clients. As people everywhere returned to real life, so did CRUEL. This was on display with the LottoMax Dream Drop campaign in 2022, winning several awards, most notably the agencies first Cannes Lion for Experience Design. 

    In 2023, CRUEL has continued to grow, being featured in Hypebeast, Highsnobiety, Vogue, Strategy Online and other publications. By delivering fully-integrated brand experiences that capitalize on contemporary trends, CRUEL is always designing new ways to connect brands to with the next generation of consumers.


    Research and Insights 
    Brand Strategy and Planning
    Brand Identity
    Art Direction
    Graphic Design
    UI and UX Design 


    Brand Storytelling
    Digital Strategy
    Content Production
    Commercial Photography
    Channel Planning
    Community Management
    Digital Platform Development
    Emerging Tech Integrations
    3D Motion Design


    Activation Development
    Installations and Pop-Ups 
    Event Strategy and Production
    Interactive Product Sampling
    Logistics Management
    Staff Recruitment/Training  
    Retail Environments


    Strategic Partnerships 
    Negotiation and Contracting
    Sponsorship Framework 
    Property Representation 
    Sponsor Activation
    Valuation and Measuremen

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