CRUEL has reorganized


Over the past 3 years, CRUEL has grown; both in the size of our group and our service offering. We have reorganized our departments and leadership roles to accommodate for continued growth — adding key administrative, account management, and project management positions in the process.

The roles of our founders have changed: SCHUYLER MOTA, from Director of Accounts to PRESIDENT, PARTNERSHIPS DIRECTOR KARL BECHMANN, from Operations Director to MANAGING DIRECTOR  CRUEL has combined its Creative and Production departments, to create CRUEL Studio. We believe one unified department executing client work will further solidify our service offering in the fields of Creative, Photo/video and Design/build.  STUDIO leadership group: JAMES NAHHAS, from Creative Director to PRINCIPAL DESIGNER DOM LISI, from Art Director to CREATIVE DIRECTOR MAC SIWOCHA, from Production Director to STUDIO DIRECTOR  CRUEL will focus on expanding its client services, and has added new administrative, account management, and project management positions to our group. We will collaborate with our amazing clients over the coming months to develop targeted solutions and further streamline our workflow.  New positions (that have been filled): ACCOUNT MANAGER PROJECT MANAGER, STUDIO JUNIOR ACCOUNTANT  CRUEL is a multidisciplinary group of creatives, using experience and design to create meaningful connections between digital and real-world engagement.