Our organization, young and alive, continues to grow.

CRUEL, a measure of the aspirations of an entire group who make its company. Like an oak table, absorbing residues on its surface, stained of spilled wine, dented by stoneware bowls; over time a patina develops — adding to its beauty — as the table continues to change. Even if the person creating the table thought of it, they would never have been able to predict its finish, or how it would transform because of its environment. All we know is the form it was given to us, hoping it resists losing being, while continuing to serve its function. Inevitably, like the person creating the table, we know little of what its function might be. After all, we do more than sit at a table. A good oak table is not limited to its present use. With CRUEL, our aim is to create a good company, offering a wide variety of services, without limiting ourselves to the services we currently offer — our aspirations are growing. The concept of CRUEL will never be lucid; while extremely straightforward and rational, our work will never be one-dimensional. We will continue to use a simple approach, focused on interactivity, to create a greater sense of human nature in all our work.

CRUEL is a multidisciplinary group of creatives using experience and design to create meaningful connections between digital and real-world engagement.

Irrespective of the service area, our work will add a feeling of appreciation, satisfaction, and chaotic goodness to any universe it exists in.